Dr. Rick & Liz Kendall

Dr. Rick & Liz Kendall

The Kingdom Advance Training Seminars (K.A.T.S.) was birthed in the heart of Dr. Rick Kendall in 2016 to advance God's Kingdom and continue the legacy of the Kingdom Training Seminars birthed by Dr. Myles Munroe. The goal is to mentor seasoned and emerging Kingdom ambassadors into the next level of their purpose and destiny. 

This website keeps you updated on upcoming events, and presents articles, videos and other online tools to bring ONE VOICE in many unique and individual ministries . We encourage you to interact with your comments (located below) and share your questions, comments and ideas. 

We say, TO THE KING!

KATS 2020 Apostle Chris Turney Session

KATS 2020 Apostle (Doc) Antonio E. Wright

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